Sunday, May 2, 2010

Women Who Run With the Wolves - contacting the power of the wild woman

Only now as a 34 year old woman and mother of two I find myself coming back into alignment with my wild woman nature. This post has been sparked off by an amazing book, "Women Who Run With the Wolves" by a Spanish writer, Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I came across this deeply insightful book as it was recommended to me by a dear, Spanish friend Belen, who I met in Mysore, India while studying Ashtanga Yoga a few years ago. Thank you so much Bel!
As a mother I feel it is my duty to pass on to my children the true knowledge so they can grow up in touch with their intuition and deeper selves and not be too concerned or caught up with external things. I can only do this if I myself am in touch with my own true nature which at times I am but frequently find myself being caught up in my head with trivialities. Children don't allow space for triviality, they only want to know the real. What a journey we embark on when we become parents.
There's no more to say only if there's one book every woman should read it's this one. The gifts of wisdom are on every page. Don't we all love spontaneity, when just when we most need it the right person, book, poem comes along to inspire us once again and keep us moving along the right path.


Anonymous said...

Testing hej fran how are you? hope this is working, do you know me?

Fran said...

Thanks Bel, seems like all is working well.

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