Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beyond conditioning

This brings me to what I believe to be the main reason why I forged ahead and did what I felt was right for me from the start. I simply didn't take on board any 'advice' from anyone and certainly didn't pay heed to any negativity coming my way. Which fortunately wasn't a lot due to our decision to move away from our family and hence our conditioning.

With only two meetings with Sinnead my pregnancy continued to be easy throughout which I put down to my keeping active(I'd taken my hand to hemp/lime plastering a week before Gwendoline's birth) and diet. I was and had been for 2 years, vegan. In order to keep my iron/protein and vitamin levels high I was eating a lot Dilisk(Dulse) which grows prolifically along the Atlantic coast

And so drew closer the birth of Gwendoline.
Due date was the 24th April, she decided to come on the morning of the 8th.

It was strange that on the day of the 7th Neil started to light bonfires all around the place. Here I am enjoying the one he lit in front of the cottage, little did I know I'd be holding my child in my arms only hours later, or did I?

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