Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pain is not pain, labour is not labour!

I awoke at around 1am with what I thought was a pain from something I'd eaten!
By about 3am I knew it was definitly not something I'd eaten and called the midwife.
The pain to me wasn't pain, it was an intense sensation, which through the use of yogic breathing/postures and some experience of Vipassana meditation was able to handle on my own as I urged Neil to go back to sleep.
At around 8am we greeted Sinnead and she could see the birth was imminent.
Surely enough after taking it easy up the stairs, she told me I was fully dilated and ready to give birth. It all happened so quickly as I wasn't at all anxious and the atmosphere was calm.
I didn't really push Gwendoline out, more breathed her out. The moment her head crowned was certainly the most intense sensation of my life up to that point.
All of a sudden my waters broke her head appeared as did the rest of her body as Sinnead caught her, just!(She was in the middle of explaining to Neil what should happen, normally there would be a long pause between the head appearing and the rest of the body so almost dropped her!)
What a moment of exhiliration, at around 9.30 Gwendoline was on my tummy trying to suckle. Incredible! Nature knows exactly what to do if only we listened and allowed.
Here we are moments after her birth.

This is a great website!

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